New Moon Ritual Bath Salts
New Moon Ritual Bath Salts
New Moon Ritual Bath Salts
New Moon Ritual Bath Salts

New Moon Ritual Bath Salts

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These beautiful bath salts are for spiritually working and healing with the cycles of the Moon, specifically the New Moon phase. The Moon is very important to women because our menstrual cycles are ruled by her energy, just like she is the reason for waves in the sea's so does she rule much of our emotional, spiritual and physical consciousness. The new moon phase is when we all can set goals for ourselves, a time to begin setting intentions for the near future. It takes 30 days for the new moon to become a full moon, this gives us some time to watch our alchemy blossom into reality.

We made these bath salts so that you can take some time from your daily routine and treat yourself to some spiritual healing work with the Moon's loving essence. Excellent tool for healing with the elemental forces of water, that which rules intuition, psychic skills, motherhood and gives life to all. Incorporating these bath salts into your ritual can help you find balance within yourself, attracting more animals, plants and positive people to you. Working and healing with our beautiful planet is neccessary for our human consciousness to gain a healthy love and respect for all living beings. This is an excellent alchemy tool for spiritual interconnectedness.

We chose black Hawaiian lava salt for protection from negative and evil energy. Epsom salt for holistic healing because it is rich in magnesium and great for sore muscles. These colors represent the light and dark side of the Moon, the Ying and Yang. Topped off with flowers, herbs and your choice of essential oil.*

Each sold seperately and weigh 2 oz total. Reusable glass tube, 5 inches tall and 3/4" wide with a cork lid. Makes a beautiful gift or a treat for yourself!


- One glass tube with cork lid, 5" tall 3/4" wide.
- Epsom salt.
- Hawaiian black lava salt.
- Your choice of essential oil.*
- Dried herbs and flowers.

*Pick one oil from this list: Mint, Lemon, Orange, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Ginger, Oregano, Wintergreen, Bergamot and Lavender. Send us a quick note with your order stating which oil you want.

Suggested Use

Draw a bath and pour its contents into the tub, call on Mother Moon and humbly ask her for loving guidance and assistance. Stay in the water for as long as possible and when you are ready to exit say thanks for everything and close the ritual with a "Blessed be" or "Amen." 

>>>>>>All of our work is created and made available for the Witch, Pagan and overall Spiritualist whom works and heals with forces of the Sun, Moon, the elements of Mother Earth (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water) and Spirit. We are a shop for the Alchemist, Healer, Empath and anyone whom practices the ways of the old and new for guidance and higher consciousness.