The Spiritual Meaning Of Numbers

These spiritual numbers are to be used in ritual and magical workings. Traditionally, odd numbers are related to women, even numbers are related to men.

Numbers and Their Magical Purposes

  • #1: The universe. The source of all.
  • #2: The Goddess and God. Perfect duality, projective and receptive energy. The couple, personal union with deity, balance.
  • #3: The triple Goddess, the lunar phases, the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of the human race.
  • #4: The elements, the spirits of the stones, the winds, the seasons.
  • #5: The senses, the pentagram, the elements plus akasha, a Goddess number.
  • #7.  Planets the ancients knew, time of the lunar phase: power, protection and magic.
  • #8: The number of the Sabbats, a number of the God.
  • #9: Number of the Goddess.
  • #13: The number of the esbats, a fortunate number.
  • #15: Number of good fortune.
  • #21: The number of sabbats and moons in the Wiccan year, number of the Goddess.
  • #28: Number of the moon, number of the Goddess.
  • #101: Number of fertility


Planets and their associated number:

- Saturn, #3

- Jupiter, #4

- Mars, #5

- Sun, #6

- Venus, #7

- Mercury, #8

- Moon #9 (There are many variations of this system)

Incorporate this list into your spell work and magical rituals. These numbers have been used by witches and pagans for a very long time, you are free to utilize and share this list for your healing and manifesting goals. Many cultures from old and new times still hold much power to these numbers. For those who are committed to the ways of the old, be sure to inscribe this list into your Book Of Shadows for future references. To the new pagans and curious beings, feel free to use these numbers in your every day life! Magic is everywhere! As pagans, witches and spiritualist, we see the divine source in all.

Blessed Be!

- Earth Angel Healing Co