Pagan Tools and Materials

If you are a Wiccan, practice white magic or consider yourself a pagan at heart then you know this list like the back of your hands. For those of you who are new to this and are sincerely considering practicing the old ways of connecting with the universal energy of love, you might enjoy incorporating some or all of these tools and materials into your healing and magical spell work.

To become a green witch or pagan doesn't mean that you need every single item on this list. We actually believe that it's best to use what is readily available, maybe growing in your yard, a secluded pasture while going for a walk, these are the ones that hold so much power because you have connected with the plant while still in the ground. If you have some dried herbs in your kitchen cupboard and a handful of salt then you are good to go. The way of the green witch and pagan is that one of living with the Earth, flowing with her like her cool rivers. Maybe you have a tiny window sill garden, that's even better because you planted the seeds and nurtured its growth.

Basic Tools


  • Athame: A ritual knife used to direct energy. Traditionally black handled, dull blade, not for cutting!
  • Bell: Used during ritual and sometimes used to call upon faeries.
  • Bolline: A cutting device used in magical work to inscribe candles, cut up herbs, etc. Traditionally a two-edged knife with a white handle.
  • Book Of Shadows: A magical blank book for keeping records of your spells and rituals.
  • Bowls: One for salt, one for water and one for libation.
  • Broom: Ritual broom used for clearing ritual space during spell work, circle casting.
  • Cauldron: Cast iron pot for magical spell work.
  • Censer: Container for burning incense.
  • Cingulum: Nine foot long cord of red cloth that is knotted at initiation. If you are a solo practitioner you can initiate yourself or leave this process out completely. It's all up to you.
  • Crystal Ball: A smooth, round crystal used for scrying.
  • Cup: Used for cakes and wine, Esbats, rituals, etc. Best if made of pottery, silver, brass, crystal or wood.
  • Pentacle: Flat disk with the five-pointed star inside a circle, can be engraved or painted on. May be of wood, clay, ceramic, brass, silver, gold or drawn on a piece of paper.
  • Robes: They come is a variety of colors, use according to the magical spell work. Used for spiritual, mental and physical protection from negative energy.
  • Staff: A long wand. Used for craft work or walking.
  • Tarot Cards: Used for divination, they come in all colors and magical themes.
  • Wand: Best if they are 12 inches in length, but not a requirement. Made of willow, oak, hazel, apple because of their magical properties.

Basic Materialsincense-stick-2280017_1920

Altar Cloth: Any beautiful piece of cloth to be displayed on the altar.

Beverages: For magical purposes, fruit juice, wine and liqueurs.

Charcoal Disks: Used for burning resin incense, myrrh, frankincense, etc.

Cords: Gold colored cord is for energy work, red for powers and black for wisdom and union with the divine.

Glass Bottles: To hold your ritual oils, spell work and for storage use.

Herbs: Have a variety in stock for your magical and holistic work.

Incense: Used to invoke a deity, your higher self and help carry your prayers to the universe.

Musical Instruments: Drums, flute, guitar, rattles, etc to aid in meditation, spell work and energy raising.

Oils: Plant-based oil like almond, vegetable or jojoba infused with herbs, flowers and essential oils. Used for invoking a deity and higher self.

Salt: Spell work and cleansing.

A lot of these items are easy and fairly inexpensive to acquire, you can save money by getting creative and resourceful. Reuse and recycle, this process doesn't have to be expensive, there are some beautiful items out there but remember that true magic comes from within.

Blessed Be!

- Earth Angel Healing Co