Green Witch Deities and Their Powers

The way of the green witch is vast and unrestricted. We follow our hearts and do not bound ourselves to only a handful of deities, so if you are a green witch or pagan then you most likely will know and work with deities from cultures all over the world. The listed deities is a great reference for the beginner green witch to start bonding with these ascended masters.

Whenever you are invoking and working with a deity, always begin with love in your heart and in your intention. You are working with them, not for them, never spill blood in their name, that is considered black magic and we don't condone that. We like to burn some incense as a token of gratitude, you can offer some flowers, sweet wine and cakes. Who doesn't have a sweet tooth and enjoy some wine? We sure do!

Green Witch Deities


Adraste: Goddess of destiny.

Amemet: Goddess of the land of the west.

Artraea: Goddess of justice.

Bast: Goddess of nurturing sun, cats, joy.

Benu: Phoenix, heron.

Cronus: God of Time

Dedwen: God of incense.

Diti: Goddess who grants wishes.

Fjorgyn: Divine androgyne.

Ganesha: God who opens the way, prosperity.

Gerda: Goddess of light.

Harmonia: Goddess of warrior women.

Ishtar: Goddess of the morning star.

Lakshmi: Goddess of fortune.

Maat: Goddess of truth and balance.

Mimis: God of fresh water and wisdom.

Min: God of fecundicity, roads and travel.

Namtar: Negative fate.

Nemontana: Goddess of sacred grove, shrines.

Nixes: Water spirits.

Nun: God/Goddess of primordial waters.

Ran: Sea Goddess.

Sin: Fairy woman with magical warriors.

Skandia: Mountain Goddess.

Ullur: God of justice, archery and skiing.

Uraeus: Goddess of the solor eye.

Uto: Snake goddess of regeneration and fertility.

Call on these beautiful, loving beings that care and want to help each one of us if we call on them. Always use your powers for good will and remember what you put out into the universe comes back to you three folds. Keep these God's and Goddess' for you records and never hold fear in your heart when calling on them.

Many blessing soul tribe!

- Earth Angel Healing Co