Get To Know The Four Main Archangels

Archangels are high vibrational beings that work closely or directly with the God source, the universal energy of love and creation. You don't have to be religious, catholic or christian to call on the archangel's for healing and spiritual growth. They love the human race and look after Mother Earth, they are a direct connection to God to help us deliver our loving thoughts and prayers.

Some of the archangel's listed are the original angels, and there are some that have recently come forward to help us with the shifting of the 'New Earth' energy. They are not scary but totally loving and gentle. They appear in forms that will be best appropriate for your overall health. They want to help you, not hurt you.

The Archangels

Metatron: His name means 'The throne next to God' and he is the embodiment of new energy, he helps you open up to other worlds and heaven. Call on him to connect with the wisdom of God in your daily life.

Raphael: His name means 'God Heals' and he is the angel of health and healing. His aura is emerald-green, he has the ability to heal and help us heal ourselves. He carries a caduceus wand as a symbol of his divine healing gifts. The doctor of God, he brings healing to those who call upon him.

Jophiel: Her name means 'Beauty of God' and she helps you acknowledge your beauty. Call on her to overcome the voice of inner doubt and fear. Jophiel brings a serene positive energy to anyone who calls on her. She works closely with archangel Michael to help you overcome negative traits in your thoughts and choices.

Haniel: Her name means 'Grace of God' and she is the Goddess archangel of the moon. She helps you access your gifts and talents. Call on her to help you unlock empathic and intuitive gifts. Let her help you shine with grace.

Orion: One of the newer archangels offering their support to heaven. He helps us connect to all, reminds us we are all and everything is within. Angel of the cosmos, he helps you create magnificent events in your life. To connect with Orion, imagine yourself surrounded by stars.

Jeremiel: His name means 'Mercy of God' and is the angel that allows you to look back in your life and gain clarity on where you're at today. Jeremiel teaches you about forgiveness to  help you move forward in a fearless and powerful way. Invoke his presence by visualizing his bright yellow, orange and gold aura surrounding you.

Sandalphon: Master of song and the angel that delivers our prayer to heaven. The angelic postman, ensures that our positive thoughts and prayers are received by the divine. His aura is copper and his twin brother is Metatron. He has the ability to help you connect with God and angels in a level-headed and grounded way. Sandalphon was a mortal and in his death he ascended into an archangel.

Chamuel: His name means 'He who see's God' and he is the angel of love. His aura is pure white and ruby. Chamuel's purpose is to help us see opportunities to love. If he appears in your life, it can signify a soul-mate bond or relationship. He helps you enjoy your loved ones and feel a sense of peace concerning your purpose.

Raguel: His name means 'Friend of God' and he is the angel of harmony. Call on him to bring an end to conflicts and challenges. The angel of justice, he works closely with archangel Michael and Zadkiel to resolve situations. Raguel can help you in creating harmonious bonds.

Ariel: Her name means 'lioness of God' a true warrior-spirited angel with a strong connection to the animal realm. Her role is to help you have peace with Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants. Call on her to help you look after those you love and find strength when times are challenging. She will bring you the courage and poise of a lion.

Uriel: His name means 'God's Light' and is the angel of light. He brings the light energy and harmony of the sun into your life, helps you feel youthful and inspired. Uriel helps you feel healthy, balanced and focused so that you can have a clear picture of your goals. He can help you solve problems or work through challenges.

Gabriel: Her name means 'God's strength' and she is the angle of mothers, communication and a nurturing angel that can help you feel safe and supported emotionally. Call on her and allow her into your life so you can speak honestly with integrity in your heart. Gabriel surrounds all those who calls on her in a pink and white light, she holds you in her embrace like a mother.

Raziel: His name means 'Secrets of God' and is the angel who is more like a yoga guru. Raziel has mastered all secrets of spiritual growth and universal laws. If youre into using the laws of attraction to develop as a clairvoyant, raziel is the angel to support you. Call on him to help you align the mind, body and soul.

Zadkiel: His name means 'Righteousness of God' and is the angel that brings emotional balance, helps you transmute negative experiences into a place of love and learning. Keeper of the violet flame, a spiritual energy space to got o when you want to release and surrender that which no longer serving you. Call on him to bring justice, balance and harmony.

Michael: His name means 'He who is like God' the prince of light, ruler of the angelic realm. He ensures that the other archangels are performing their spiritual duty. Archangel Michael protects all light workers, those who are healer of the world. A multidimensional being, like all archangels, he can be in all places at the same time. Call on him for protection, strength, courage and self-confidence. His aura is purple and very protective for the home, car and work place.

Invite these loving archangels into your life and home for spiritual growth and healing. Call on an angel three times, open your heart by thinking of someone you love and adore, then ask the angel for help with a specific issue or for overall help in your spiritual journey.

Many blessings soul tribe!

- Earth Angel Healing Co