Daily Planetary Influences For The Alchemist

Each day of the week holds a power with a specific planet and its energy. Following these "daily planetary influences" in accordance with your healing and magical ritual will help you attain a better connection with your higher self and the energies of the galaxy.

Maybe you want to connect with your twin flame, romance and sensuality, performing your magical ritual on a Friday can help you manifest your goals more efficiently. This day of the week is ruled by Venus. Select the day for a spell by the influence of the day, incorporate colors and inscribe the symbol of the planet into candles, soap and other spell work.

The Days Of The Week and Their Planetary Rulers

Monday: Ruled by the Moon, colors are silver, white and gray. Best herbs to use are mugwort, myrtle, jasmine, violet, willow. Good day to connect with your emotions, mental health, intuition and clairvoyant abilities. Connect with archangel Gabriel, the moon goddess and with your dreams.

Tuesday: Ruled by the planet Mars, colors are red and orange. Best herbs to use are basil, dragon's blood and patchouli. Warrior energy, a burst of energy, relationship with partner, hunting, dominance. Good day to calm the heated waters of the mind. Meditate, stay grounded. If grounded, good day to tap into fire like energy to get projects started or finished.

Wednesday: Ruled by the planet Mercury,  colors are gray, iridescent, opal, violet and yellow. Best herbs to use are jasmine and lavender. This is a good day for communication, divination, learn a new skill, self-improvement and teaching other people your knowledge.

Thursday: Ruled by the planet Jupiter, colors are blue, indigo and purple. Best herbs to use are cinnamon, cinquefoil, musk, nutmeg and sage. This day is all about healing, health, a good day for luck, money, legal matters, desire. A good day to invest, open a bank account, start new business ventures and self-healing rituals.

Friday: Ruled by the planet Venus, colors are aqua, green and pink. Best herbs to use are lime, saffron, sandalwood and thyme. This day is all about love, romance, passion, sensuality, friendships, social activities, pleasure, art, music and perfumes. A great day for a romantic getaway, dinner, and hang out with friends.

Saturday: Ruled by the planet Saturn, colors are black, dark gray and indigo. Best herbs to use are black poppy seeds, mullein and myrrh. This day is all about self-discipline, protection, freedom and life itself. This is a good day to so some serious self reflecting and changing old, unhealthy habits. A perfect day to sage and cleanse your home to get ride of toxic energy accumulated during the busy week.

Sunday: Ruled by the Sun, colors are gold, orange, white and yellow. Best herbs to use are frankincense, lemon and St. Johnswort. This day is all about individuality, a time of hope, good fortune, money, healing, strength and spirituality. A perfect day for healing baths, meditation, prayers and rituals. Set your intentions for the week ahead. Give thanks for all the blessings in your life. Light an incense for the Sun God.

Now that you know the days and their planetary rulers, you are geared with another powerful layer of magical rituals and healing. You are the co-creator of your life, you have all that you need inside of you, awaiting to be awoken with love and compassion. Within you is the energy of the God and Goddess particle, and that is more powerful than you could ever know.

Many blessings soul tribe!

- Earth Angel Healing Co