Animal Totems & Their Spiritual Gifts

There are so many spirit animals that love and guide us spiritually, mentally and physically. All of us have many spirit animals and they all take turns coming in and out of our lives when their help and essence is needed, they are here to assist mother Earth and the humans that are here to take care of her. They teach and guide is in times of turmoil, and when blessings are bestowed upon us.

If you would like to work and heal with your animal totem just call on your higher self to reveal your spirit guides. In time you will begin to notice the same type of animal appearing in at the right moment and time. When your intuition tells you which are your spirit animals, call on them when you need their assistance.

Spirit Animals and Their Associations

The spirit animals listed are based on native animals to North America. They do not include mythical animals like mermaids and unicorns.

Alligator: Integration. Survival, fighter.

Ant: Patience. Industrious, community, self sacrificing.

Bat: Rebirth. Death, initiation and intuition.

Bear: Introspection. Strength, power, renewal and wisdom.

Beaver: Builder. resourceful, hard working, constructive and ambitious.

Bee: alertness. Community, industry, sexuality and abundance.

Buffalo: Prayer and abundance. abundance, leadership, life flow and unity with earth/.

Butterfly: Transformation. avatar, metamorphosis, soul, courage to change.

Cat: mysticism. awareness and stealth.

Crab: tenacious, commitment and seclusion.

Cougar: philosopher. Power and spiritual leadership.

Coyote: Trickster. adaptability, humor and nature.

Crow: Law. ancient wisdom, bold, diviner, magic.

Deer: Gentleness. grace, beauty and innocence.

Dog: Loyalty. Tenacity and community.

Dolphin: Manna. community, harmony, joy, love, peace and playfullness.

Dragonfly: Illusion. agility and dreams.

Duck: trustworthy, social, unassuming.

Eagle: Messenger. courage, healing, divine messenger.

Elephant: longevity, remover of obstacles, good fortune.

Elk: Stamina. endurance, explorer, roamer and strength.

Frog: Cleansing. love, transformation, healing and vocal.

Fox: Camouflage. adaptability, awareness, cunning, skills, wily.

Goose: protector, reliable, territorial, safe return.

Grouse: Sacred Spiral.

Hawk: Messenger. Spirit world messenger.

Horse: Power. endurance, friend, independence, travel.

Hummingbird: Joy. energy, wonder and swift action.

Lynx: Secrets. inner knowledge, occultism, secrets.

Lizard: Dreaming. renewal, transformation, ancient energy.

Moose: Self-esteem. Confidence, headstrong, stubborn.

Mouse: Scrutiny. family unity, spirit communication.

Otter: Woman Medicine. compatibility, sharing, friendly, enjoyment of life, playfulness.

Owl: Deception. between the worlds, divination, truth, visions, wisdom.

Panther: hunter, stealth, solitarity.

Pig: expressive, intelligence, sincerity.

Raven: Magic. altered states, battlefield, espionage, mystery, secrets.

Rabbit: Fear. nature wisdom, powers of observation and complexity.

Scorpion: defensive, powerful fighter, nimble.

Seahorse: grace, partnership, responsibility, magic.

Shark: survivor. fearsome, predatory, hungry, powerful.

Snake: Transmutation. cycles, rebirth, regeneration, renewal, wisdom and wholeness.

Skunk: Reputation.  self protective, fearless and self esteem.

Spider: Weaving. creativity, dreams, fate, story teller, dark powers.

Swan: Grace. commitment, loyalty, majesty, protective

Squirrel: Gathering. resourceful, prankster, trusty, playful.

Salmon: Wisdom, inner knowing. ancient wisdom, determination, courage.

Turtle: Mother Earth. grounded, longevity, protection, shelter, steady.

Turkey: Give-away. shared blessings, originality, artistic, harvest, bounty.

Toad: prosperity, messenger.

Whale: Record keeper. creative, inspiration, intelligence and life-enhancer.

Wolf: Teacher. family bonds, unity, earth wisdom.

Weasel: Stealth.

As you can see this is more of a reference chart. If you would like to learn more about Native American folk tales, go to your local library or do some extensive research online. Once you are connected to your spirit animals, you will begin to understand life from different perspectives. You'll gain clarity and find great strength when you see and feel them near you, always watching and guiding you.

Blessed be!

- Earth Angel Healing Co