Amulets For Protection, Love and Wealth

Amulets have been a part of ancient cultures and belief systems for thousands of years. They are used for different purposes like protection, healing, connecting with your spirit guide, etc. You carry them with you, incorporate them into your ritual, and they traditionally come in leather pouches and are filled with magical herbs, flowers and spices.

You can make your own amulet or get a healer to make one especially for you. We also encourage our fellow witch and pagan to get creative and have fun making your own amulet, you can make it out of any material and design it however you like, then fill it with any of the following listed items for your loving purposes.


Acorn: Immortality, fertility.

Anise Seed: Protection against poverty.

Apple Seed: Draw love.

Ash Tree Leaves: Bless or curse.

Buckeye: Protection, draw money.

Buckthorn: Wishes coming true.

Caraway Seed: Protect child from illness.

Crab Claw: Love, fertility.

Feather of a dove: Peace. Do not kill or hurt any animal for your magic!

Dragon (Image): Life, power, wisdom.

Feather: Mind, wealth, properity in work.

Egg Shell: Cosmos, creation, fertility.

Fish (image): Prosperity, fertility.

Garlic Clove: Repel evil.

Grasshoper: Cheer, wealth, abundance.

Horn of a cow, sheep, ram: Ward evil eye, virility, abundance.

Horseshoe: Success, good luck, ward off evil.

Lady Bug: Good luck, wealth, success.

Nutmeg: Good luck in gambling.

Mustard Seed: Goodluck, protection.

Onion Bulb: Absorb evil.

Peacock Feather: Protects from evil eye, wisdom, alertness.

Pine Cone: Health, longevity.

Uncooked Rice: Fertility, money.

Scarab: Ward off evil. eternal life.

Spider: Good luck, protection from enemies, wisdom, work success, money.

Tonka Beans: Good luck, wealth.

Wishbone: Wishes granted, good luck.

Have fun incorporating these items into your amulets, but never kill any being for your magical ritual!!! Do onto others as you want done onto you!! White magic is all about love and the creative force energy we call the God and Goddess. With all that being said, have fun and don't take yourself too seriously, if you make a mistake learn to laugh and take it easy. Magic is about working with your higher self and Mother Earth, not controlling the energies that be. You are part of the whole, a co-creator, do not take this for granted or misuse your powers.

Many blessing soul tribe!

- Earth Angel Healing Co