Beltane and Making This Sabbat Your Own

Green Witch Temple

Beltane is an ancient Celtic Festival celebrated on May Day which is May 1st. It is also known as the Gaelic May Day Festival. Usually Beltane is observed between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice and it marks the beginning of Summer. During the Beltane festivities one honors life. The veil to the spirit world is also very thin at this time.

Beltane is directly opposite of Samhain on the Witches Wheel of the Year. We celebrate the Goddess and her beautiful divine feminine energies, her fertility and unity with the God. Often at large festivals, the unity of the Divine Feminine and Masculine are symbolized in the traditional dance around the maypole. The lovely ribbons represent the Goddess while the pole itself represents the God. Beltane is traditionally celebrated with the lighting of bonfires, fertility rites, feasting and dancing.

The word Beltane finds Its origin in the Celtic…

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