Herbs: Magical Atributes For Spells and Rituals


Working with herbs and spices is a magical and effective way of repairing the mind, body and soul. There is a wide variety of herbs and spices that are sitting on shelves at your local health food store but for your sake we’ll be focusing on the most common herbs that can be grown on a window sill, in your garden and found at any grocery store. This way of working with readily available sources is called being a “kitchen witch” in which you work with what you got or can attain in a short matter of time.

There are endless ways to heal and manifest with herbs, we will focus on the most common and safe approach for a fun and healthy relationship with the plant world.

Common Herbs and Their Magical Properties

  • Cilantro: also known as coriander, its gender is male, ruled by the planet Mars, element is fire, its powers are love, health and healing. Great used in love sachets and spells. Add the powdered seeds to warm wine for an effective lust potion.
  • Parsley: its gender is male, ruled by the planet Mercury, and its element is air. Parsley is associated with the deity Persephone, when ingested it provokes lust and fertility, if in love don’t cut it or your love take a blow. It is also used in purifying baths helps and to stop misfortune.
  • Basil: its gender is male, ruled by the planet Mars, element is fire. Associated deities are Vishnu and Erzulie. Its powers are love, exorcism, wealth, flying and protection. The fresh scent of basil brings sympathy between two people, best used to sooth tempers between partners. Add to love incense, sachets, and divination. Basil brings wealth to those whom wear it in their pocket. Given as a gift it brings good luck to a new home.
  • Aloe Vera: its gender is feminine, ruled by the moon, element is water, powers are protection and luck. Protects the home, guards against evil and toxic energy, prevents home accidents.
  • Bay leaves: masculine, ruled by the sun, element is fire. Deitites associated are Aesculapius, Aollo, Ceres, Faunos and Eros. Its powers are protection, psychic powers, healing, purification and strength. These leaves are used in clairvoyance and wisdom brews. Places beneath a pillow to induce prophetic dreams, burned to induce visions. Wear it as an amulet to ward of toxic and evil energy. Bay leaves mixed with sandalwood burned to remove curses and evil spells.
  • Garlic: its gender is male, ruled by the planet Mars, element is fire, associated deity is Hecate. Its powers are protection, healing, exorcism, lust and anti-theft. Placed in homes to to gaurd against the intrusion of evil. When evil spirits are around, sprinkle some garlic powder on the floor. Wear, decorate your home and place it under your pillow for protection.
  • Ginger: gender is masculine, ruled by the planet Mars, element is fire and its powers are love, money, success and power. Eating ginger before performing a ritual or spells will lend them power. Ginger roots are planted and grown to attract money, sprinkle some powder into pockets and onto money.
  • Lettuce: gender is feminine, ruled by the moon, element is water, its powers are chastity, protection, love, divination and sleep. Eat the leaves or rub its juices on your forehead for help sleeping. When grown in the garden it is protective, to resist temptation eat lettuce, it can also prevent seasickness.
  • Lavender: gender is masculine, ruled by the planet Mercury, element is air. Its powers are love, protection, sleep, chastity, longevity, purification, happiness and peace. Best if used in love spells and sachets, clothing with this scent attracts love. The scent of lavender particularly attracts men, protects against cruel treatment at the hands of a spouse. Burn the flowers to induce sleep, scatter around the house to maintain peace. Add to your purification baths.
  • Fennel: gender is masculine, ruled by the planet Mercury, element is fire, associated deities are Prometheus and Dionysus. Its powers are protection, healing and purification. Grown around the home it confers protection, Hang it up at windows and doors to ward off evil spirits, carry the seeds for same reason, use it in satches for purification and healing mixtures.
  • Dill: gender is masculine, ruled by the planet Mercury, element is fire, powers are protection, money, lust and love. Protective when hung at the door and carried in sachets, also the seeds are used in money spell. When eaten stimulated lust, and when you bath with it makes the bather irresistible. Smell it to cure hiccoughs.
  • Chamomile: roman and german, gender is masculine, ruled by the sun, element is water. Its powers are money, sleep, love and purification. Used to attract money, used in sleep and meditation incenses, add to bath to attract love, sprinkle around your home to remove spells and curses cast against you.

Have fun incorporating each of these commonly used herbs into your spells, rituals and magical routines. Always live and act from a place of love, any ill will shall return to you three folds, so be careful what you put out into the universe.

Blessed be!

– Earth Angel Healing Co


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