Healing The Seven Main Chakras


Chakra healing is fun and goes hand in hand with color therapy. The human body has seven main chakras that are aligned along our spinal column, the vertebrae. Each chakra is assigned a specific color based on an ancient belief system of the human anatomy. Each color is meant to heal and clear toxic energy that has accumulated over time with the amount of stress you deal with on a day-to-day basis.

Chakra healing helps lift the spirit when it’s down and mucky, it brings a sense of security, self-esteem and connection to the higher self for inner joy and peace. Aligning the chakras is great for healing the physical, mental and spiritual self, some colors are more beneficial to certain people, and sometimes they can actually hurt you if used in excess. Luna, whom is an indigo, needs to have deep blue hues around her most of the time or she gets easily irritated. Her dosha is Vata, which is fire and the color blue cools heated fires, she won’t dare wear anything brightly red or it will actually increase her Vata and become over heated.

Chakras, Colors and Healing Crystals

  1. Root chakra: ruby-red, at the base of the spine, the coccyx tail bone. Sence of security, strength, courage and sexuality. Crystal healing, ruby.
  2. Sacral chakra: bright orange, at the belly button. Sence of security, strength, healthy bowel movements. Crystal healing, orange calcite.
  3. Solar plexus, lemon yellow, at the stomach, under the rib cage. Sense of security, God energy, creative life force, healthy digestion. Crystal healing, citrine.
  4. Heart chakra: emerald-green, at the heart center. Ability to open the heart to give and receive love and healing energy. Crystal healing, emerald.
  5. Throat chakra: sky blue, at the throat, larynx. Clear communication, verbal power and assertiveness. Crystal healing, blue calcite, blue agate.
  6. Third eye chakra: at the center of the eyebrows. Psychic and intuitive abilities. Crystal healing, lapis lazuli.
  7. Crown chakra: at the top of the cranial bone. Psychic and clairvoyant skills, connection to the higher self, spirit. Crystal healing, amethyst.


Now that you know the names and colors of each seven main chakra, ready to start healing them?

  • Get into some comfy clothing. Wear white for purity, protection, truth, peace, ward off doubt and fears. Wear black for protection, ward off negativity, the universe, truth, remove discord and confusion.
  • Lie down or sit comfortably.
  • Imagine your body glowing a white light, don’t let this light radiate more than a couple inches from your body.
  • Starting from your root chakra and working upwards to the seventh chakra, the crown. Place your hands over each chakra and envision it glowing with the designated color. The longer you can focus on each chakra the better you will feel afterwards.
  • Finish with the crown chakra.

For added healing and protection for the mind, body and spirit, envision an emerald-green light coating your white light filled body and then on top of that, picture a violet color coating the emerald green layer. Last but not least, imagine your entire being surrounded by a pale-pink sphere, say outloud or in your head “I am safe in this bubble, nothing but love may permiete this sphere” and you are good to go.

There are many ways to perform a chakra healing and alignment, be free to change it up, add new techniques and share this info with those whom would benefit from it. We like to incorporate crystal and sound therapy, perform the healing before starting a ritual and magic work. Healing can be fun and sometimes painful, but remember life is a school in session and you are free to choose how you learn the lessons.

Blessed be!

– Earth Angel Healing Co



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